THURSDAY MAY 25th This is All Music Station with Features & Coverage of the UK Election in SW London. Our Political Unit Newsraid will be in Streatham, Lambeth to broadcast Interviews & candidates for Newsraid at ONE for next Sunday 28th May : SHOWS : 8am Breakfast with Hannah Woolley through the Cornflakes latest Music and your requests! :10am Mid-Morning Show Mike Summers with latest on Election and CafĂ© Society + Classic Rock/Pop: 1pm Raiders Music Machine 2pm Chris Mitchell 4pm Claire Mansfield’s Radio Activity Rock: 6pm Live Chris Hunter Drivetime show 8pm Hannah Woolley show 9pm Raiders Music Machine 10pm Chris Hunter for 1 hour only! 11pm Claire Mansfield Radio Activity 1am Mike Summers show 3am Newsraid Raidersbroadcast and Newsraid sends out its condolences to the Family’s and the people of Manchester who were attacked by a suicide bomber Terrorist at the Manchester Arena while a Pop Concert was ending on Tuesday night. The Nation moarns the loss of 20 people killed and many injured. The Election was suspended for Two days. To resume on Saturday.


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