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Raidersbroadcast and Newsraid plan to report on more Marches planned for London to oppose the cuts made by the present Government from a Social point of view says Newsraid editor Mike Summers.
raidersbroadcast plan to bring some more voices to present Music. so listen out and visit the website.
Entertainment News.. Newsraid live recently with Comic and Broadcaster Arthur Smith and Nick Miller at the Hideaway Jazz Club Streatham, South London. Newsraid plans to cover Comic and former Channel 4 Broadcaster Mark Thomas in Sept- see web for details.
Jeremy Colbyn is in the lead with 20% of support from Labour members and organisations. Yvette Cooper has jumped to Second place above former favourite AndyBurham. Our predictionLiz Kendall is 4th
Newsraid says that TESSA JOWELL maybe strong favourite for Nomination as Labour Candidate for next years Mayor Election 2016 writes Newsraid producer: Mike Summers
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